Founding year and short history of evolution

The Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (C.N.T.I.) was founded through the initiatives of Dr. Yiannis Laouris and a team of repatriated Cypriot scientists with the support of ex-Minister of Education and Culture Dr. Chrysostomos Sophianos, ex-School Inspector Dr. Christodoulos Laouris, the Bishop of Paphos Chrysostomos and three prominent foreign academics Prof. Dr. Sc. Med. Peter Schwartze (Germany), Prof. Dr. Med. Habil. Uwe Windhorst (Germany/Canada), and Regents Prof. Douglas G. Stuart (USA). It was registered on November 6, 1991 (Reg. AE 72) and launched activities in 1992/1993. C.N.T.I. was founding partner of Management Information Systems & Technology Development (MISnTED Ltd. – Innovation Company envisioned and created by Yiannis Laouris, George Vakanas and Maria Symeonides) and responsible for the research and development of the curriculum of its innovative project Cyberkids. The curriculum, which won 7 international awards, was used by a chain of computer learning centers making it possible for >15,000 children and >10,000 adults to benefit. C.N.T.I. became known to the Cypriot public for Cyberkids as well as for its research in Dyslexia and the organization of two fairs called Innovation-Technology-Social Progress. Between 1994 and1999 C.N.T.I. also hosted a number of peace projects, including Technology For Peace ( and Youth Promoting Peace ( It was re-structured in year 2000 modifying its original Constitution to embrace projects aiming in the development of an active civil society in Cyprus, as well as projects with international scope, especially those that involve the application of technology towards bridging the literacy, economic and digital divides (Development and IT Education). At the end of 2005, it evolved into a larger organization with a pure international orientation integrating all its activities under one umbrella with a new name, Future Worlds Center. The name C.N.T.I. is still registered as refers to the Unit within Future Worlds Center which envisions, designs and implements science projects like the ones presented in this website.

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