About CNTI

The Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute is a non-profit, non-Governmental independent Organization active in programs with future orientation in areas related to human brain-modern technology-social transformation and the repercussions of relevant research for humanity. It has the following operating units:

The New Media in Learning Laboratory, active in both research and social intervention, runs experimental projects that aim to develop new theories of learning, new IT-rich and mobile-based curricula, technologies to assess the role of emotions, attention and mental states in learning, and to integrate state of the art technologies (computers, IT, mobile phone) in the educational context.

The Civil Society and Future Affairs Unit develops and implements programs that aim the development of a responsible and active civil society. Specific projects focus in capacity building, peace-related process in Cyprus, facilitation of communication and understanding between people in conflicting societies, public debates about human rights, transparency, safer use of Internet, extending European citizenship in the Southern parts of Europe, youth participation etc. It organizes seminars, workshops, trainings and conferences to promote its social-intervention aims.

The Technology For Peace Unit develops theory on how technology can and must be used in the service of peace. More specifically, it develops educationally relevant and socially responsible IT & Mobile-based curriculum, and. It participates in various international and European organizations and through its Development Education program aims to contribute towards bridging the literacy, economic and digital divides in our world.

The Special Education Unit develops new theories of learning based on mental attributes, web-based, video-game-like testing interfaces to evaluate cognitive profiles and learning abilities. It also develops software-based systems for treatment of various conditions.

The Youth Promoting Peace Unit supports youth initiatives that aim social transformation, youth participation, peace and co-existence in conflict societies.

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